Macrame Tutorials

Macrame Rainbow Charm
Learn how to make this super cute rainbow! These adorable macrame rainbow charms are the perfect accessory for your rear view mirror, purse or backpack, or to add to your gallery wall! This DIY project is suitable for all ages, and takes under an hour to complete.
Wall Hanging Plant Hanger
Easily create this wall hanging planter! This project is perfect for macrame beginners, and takes ~1.5 hours to complete. In this tutorial you will learn a Lark's Head Knot, Gathering Knot (or Barrel Knot), Square Knot & Half Hitch Knot. You will also learn to make a gorgeous diamond pattern!
Macrame Plant Hanger

Follow this DIY macrame tutorial to create a beautiful and easy macrame plant hanger. You will learn a to make a Gathering Knot (also known as a Barrel Knot), a Simple Knot, Spiral Knot and a Square Knot.

Luna Wall Hanging
Learn how to make this semi-circle wall hanging in just over an hour! In this tutorial, you will learn the Lark's Head Knot & Half Hitch, as well as learning a trick to add a pop of color to your macrame creation.
Macrame Garland

Follow this DIY macrame tutorial to create a macrame garland bunting banner that makes a great addition to any room! In this tutorial you will learn to make a Lark's Head knot, Gathering Knot (or Barrel Knot), a Square Knot & a Half Hitch Knot.