Boho Plant Hanger Tutorial

Supplies (click here for the  DIY kit):

  • 4 x 12ft Pieces of String
  • 4 x 8ft Pieces of String
  • 2 x 5ft Pieces of String
  • 1 x Wooden Ring

Scissors (not included)
Beads (not included)
Scotch Tape (not included)

** We use 3mm string in our DIY Kit, however you may also use 4mm for this project. Just keep in mind you will have to make less knots for the desired length, or you may have to cut your string pieces a few feet longer.

Step 1
Count your strings! Make sure there are ten in total. The two shorter (5ft) strings will be set aside (we will use these for the barrel knots).

Step 2
Take the 8 other strings (4 x 12ft and 4 x 8ft) and hang them from the wooden ring so each half of the string is on one side of the ring. All of the long strings should be the same length and all the short strings should be the same length.

Step 3
Make a barrel knot around all of the strings at the top. Make sure to make the knot tight & cut both ends of the string used for the barrel knot. Pull down on the rest of the strings to make them nice & snug with the wooden ring.

Step 4
Separate your strings into groups of 4 – with each group having 2 short strings and 2 long strings. Take one grouping (consisting of 2 short strings and 2 long) and measure approximately 6 inches (a hand’s length) down from the bottom of the wooden ring. This is where you will make a simple knot using all 4 strings together.

Step 5
Repeat with each grouping, giving a total of four knots. These will be the “arms” of your plant hanger.

Step 6
Begin making a spiral knot by making consecutive half square knots. Each “arm” will require about 30 half square knots to complete the spiral. This is the most time consuming part of making the hanger. Feel free to make more or less spiral, depending on your taste. Remember, this is not an exact science!

IMPORTANT: Make sure the longer strings in the grouping correspond with strings A & D on the knot guide (make sure the shorter strings stay in the middle, and you are knotting with the longer strings).

Step 7
Once you have completed the spiral knots on all the arms, you may add beads. This part is optional! The hanger looks great without beads as well. Find strings B & C of each spiral knot (the middle strings) - this is where you will want your bead. Use tape for the ends of the string if you are having a hard time fitting the bead on.

Step 8
Make 2 half square knots on each arm after the beads to keep them in place. Then, make another simple knot on each arm directly underneath.

Step 9
Measure about 2 inches (a pinky finger’s length) below the simple knot and make another.

Step 10
Take 2 arms of the hanger (ensure they are beside each other – look towards the top & make sure it’s not jumbled before tying your knots). You will then make a square knot using 2 strings from each arm, attaching the two arms together. I like to do 1-2 square knots here. Repeat for all arms (you should have made square knots in 4 separate locations).

Step 11
Repeat Step 10 to make a second row of square knots about 2 inches below. If you have a pot, now is the time to “test” the pot in the hanger (make sure you keep hold of it though)! Adjust the knots to suit your pot size.

Step 12
Another 2 inches down, gather all your strings together and use the last 5ft string to make another barrel knot. A trick I like to use is to wrap all the strings with an elastic – just a bit higher than where I want my barrel knot - and remove the elastic once the hanger is complete.

Step 13
Trim all the strings at the bottom to give the layered look you want. Then unwind your string to make the fringe and VOILA! You have a plant hanger! Pat yourself on the back - you're a macrame pro now!