About Us

Minimalist Macrame is a small business based out of Ucluelet, BC. We specialize in modern bohemian decor to add to your home: plant hangers, wall hangings & accessories. All items are intricately hand knotted using Oeko-Tex high quality cotton fibre - composed of 100% recycled cotton from the garment industry. We package our items in 100% recyclable materials, because we care about our impact on the environment!


The maker behind Minimalist Macrame - a Cape Breton girl named Kait - gained her love for crafting from her grandmother - a seamstress who makes anything and everything you can make with a sewing machine! Kait loves crafts of all sorts but has found a special place in her heart for Macrame. Kait started Minimalist Macrame as a hobby, and is now growing her interest into a business.