Wall Hanging Planter Tutorial

Follow along with our step-by-step tutorial video to learn how to make a macrame wall hanging planter from start to finish.

Supplies (click here for the  DIY kit):

  • 16 x 5ft Pieces of String
  • 2 x 3ft Pieces of String
  • 1 x 8” dowel
  • Scissors (not included)

** We use 3mm single strand cotton cord for this project, you can find some here. 

Click here for the printable pattern -- including step-by-step photos & a knot guide. 

Step 1 
Attach all 16 5ft cords to your dowel using a Lark’s Head Knot (LHK).

Step 2
Starting with the four strings furthest to the left, make a Square Knot.

Step 3
Continue to make consecutive square knots across the top of the wall
hanging. You should finish with 8 knots across the top.

Step 4
Count the first two strings on the left & set them aside. Use the next
four strings to make a square knot.

Step 5
Continue until you have seven square knots across this row.

Step 6
Continue this pattern, being sure to set aside two strings on the left
each time you start a new line. You will end up with a triangle of
square knots.

Step 7
Now, using the leftmost string as your “leading cord”, make a Double
Half Hitch (DHH).

Step 8
Continue making DHH knots until you reach the tip of the triangle.

Step 9
Repeat steps 7&8, using the string furthest to the right as your “leading cord”.

Step 10
When you reach the center, you will use the left leading cord & tie your DHH knot using the right leading cord. Continue to tie three more DHH knots on the left leading cord, to make your line of knots
extend to the right. 

IMPORTANT: Be careful with the tension of these knots - you want your line & the cord above to be straight.

Step 11
Tie three DHH knots on the right leading cord, to make your line extend to the left.

Step 12
Now, make a square knot using the six strings in the middle (two in the middle of the knot and two on each side).

Step 13
Make three more DHH on each leading cord to make a diamond shape, and finish of with one DHH using the leading cords (similar to when you finished of the triangle).
* You may end here if you would like to keep this as a wall hanging.

Step 14
Using the string furthest to the left as your leading cord, make a DHH with the cord furthest to the right.

Step 15
Use three more cords from the right side to make a row of DHH, and repeat on the left (keep in mind you are repeating the diamond pattern from above).

Step 16
Make a square knot using your six cords (exactly as you did in step 13)
& finish of the diamond pattern with three DHH knots on each side,
and a final DHH using the leading cords.

Step 17
Gather all your strings together & decide where you would like to
make your finishing knot (also called a barrel knot).
** I like to place the pot where I would like it & mark the spot by using an elastic.

Step 18
Using one of the 3ft strings, make your barrel knot (also called gathering or finishing knot - see our Knot Guide to learn this technique) where you’ve marked & cut the top string so you can no longer see it.

Step 19
Finish of your wall hanging planter using the last 3ft string to hang
the macrame. You can watch a video of this process here.

First, fold the string so that you have about 1/3 on one side and 2/3
on the other. Make an UPSIDE DOWN Lark’s Head Knot on the dowel
(ie. the strings are going in the opposite direction of the wall hanging).

Step 20
Using the shorter side of the string to make a DHH on the longer end
of the string.

Step 21
Now, use the longer side of the string to “fake” an LHK on the other
side. Do this by bringing the string around the front of the dowel,
behind the dowel & to the front again on the right side. 

IMPORTANT: Make sure the string is long enough to hang the planter with! You don’t want it to be too snug with the dowel.

Step 22
Continue your fake LHK by bringing the string behind the dowel once more, & to the front, then pulling the cord through the loop in the front.

Step 23
Make a DHH using the short string once again. Now, you will want to bring the ends to the back and tuck them in. 
**I like to use a bobby pin for this job. A crochet hook also works if you have one handy. If you don’t have either of these things, you may choose to sew the ends in to hide them, or simply trim them.

You have made a wall hanging planter! Give yourself a pat on the back, you’re a macrame master now!