Garland Macrame Wall Hanging Tutorial


4mm Single Strand Macrame String
• 40 x 2ft (8 for each section)
• 1 x 6ft (main cord)
• 2 x 2ft (to make barrel knots)
Scissors (not included)

Step 1:
Fold the 6ft string in half to find the center.

Step 2:
Attach 8 of the 2ft cords to the middle of the 6ft string using a Lark’s Head Knot (see knot guide).

Step 3:
Begin making a square knot (see knot guide) using the leftmost four cords. Repeat with the four cords next to it, and so on until there are four knots in the row.

Step 4:
Moving below, set aside the two leftmost cords. Using four cords (two from each square knot above), make another square knot. Finish this row with 3 knots.

Step 5:
Repeat the process so you have four rows - top row = 4 knots, 2nd row = 3 knots, 3rd row = 2 knots & final row one square knot in the very center.

Step 6:
Using the leftmost cord as your leading cord, make a double half hitch knot (see knot guide) with the cord to it’s right (the second leftmost cord).

Step 7:
Continue making double half hitch knots (making sure to keep the
same lading cord the entire time) until you have reached the middle.

Step 8:
Now, use the cord furthest to the right as your leading cord and make double half hitch knots to the center again.

Step 9:
Finish of by making a final double half hitch in the center using the
two leading cords.

Step 10:
Repeat steps 2-9 for each of the 5 sections (making the sections
about 3-4 inches apart).

Step 11:
Find the end of the main cord & create a loop big enough to hang your wall hanging. Using one of the last 2ft strings, create a barrel knot (see knot guide) to secure the loop. Repeat this process on the other side, creating two loops to hang your macrame garland.

Step 12:
Trim the ends to make them even & voila! You’ve made a macrame garland!