NEST // DIY Macrame Plant Hanger Kit

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Have you always wanted to try Macrame? This do it yourself kit is perfect for the beginner. It comes with everything you need to make your own hanging planter! This kit comes with a pattern as well as a detailed knot guide to help you learn several fundamental macrame knots.


- 100% Cotton Cord & Metal Ring (Sent to your home)
- Printable Pattern Instructions & Step by Step Knot Guide (Sent to your email)


- Total length 48”, Pot hangs at approximately - 30”

This handmade nest plant hanger is perfect home decor for indoor use or to add to your outdoor garden. Use with any planter, pot or vase; or opt for a hippie vibe with a wicker basket or a modern look with an open terrarium. These hangers look nice with vine plants (like ivy or philodendron), a bright succulent, or an air plant! The hanger can hold a 4” - 10” pot or basket.